The Lucky Shoes Story began in 1919 when Joe Luck opened a modest dry goods store, “The Lucky Store”, in the Firestone Park neighborhood of Akron. Two of Joe’s six children, Milton and Leonard, took over the business in 1946 after serving in World War II. As the business grew the company hired its first employee from outside the family in 1948. Continuing the tradition of goodwill established by their father, Milton and Leonard made their first employee and all those who followed, feel like part of the Lucky family; extending benefits and compensation far ahead of industry standards. The Luck brothers soon had a core group of dedicated loyal long-term employees

In 1955, Lucky Shoes opened a 3,000 square-foot store in Fairlawn, expanding to 6,000 square feet in 1962 and expanded to 17,000 square feet by 1976 when the company opened a splendid one-of-a-kind store at its Fairlawn location. By this time, Milton’s son Tom took over the business and Lucky Shoes became the largest shoe store in the state and one of only a handful of comparable size in the country. In 1981, Lucky Shoes entered the Canton market by opening of a 5,000 square-foot store. In 1982, with the retirement of Leonard Luck and his son Joel’s move to Columbus, the original Firestone Park neighborhood store closed. Tom’s son John joined the company in 1991. Shortly after, the company underwent a period of rapid-fire changes that included the opening of SouthPark Center in Strongsville, the addition of New Balance specialty stores, the opening of an orthotic lab and foot health center inside Fairlawn Lucky Shoes, the expansion into the Columbus market and then being chosen by Vionic shoes to collaborate with them in opening the first brick and mortar store in the United States.. The small store that Joe Luck started in 1919 certainly made some amazing changes over the decades.

Tom, John and the team they have assembled know their products and every aspect of the shoe business. They have used that knowledge to offer services and products tailored to the individual customer rather than take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Lucky Shoes offers a generous mix of merchandise and sizes providing customers with quality products, expert fit and conscientious service

The company now employs over 100 team members. Among them are several with over 30 years of service to the company. True to the Lucky Shoes tradition they, their newer colleagues and the four generations of customers they have served are all part of the Lucky Shoes family. The company’s hands-on family ownership, community involvement and industry expertise have allowed four generations of owners to grow the business even in a challenging economy.

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